You can practice cycling in El Palmar if you wish, touring the different locations of this area of ​​the coast of La Janda through El Palmar. The Natural Park that surrounds the area is suitable for mountain biking (MTB)

There are many athletes who practice cycling in El Palmar. To ride a bike in El Palmar is to be able to walk along its kilometer-long beach, enjoying nature. If you are an amateur you can go all over the beach area by bike and move freely. It is not a busy area except in the middle of summer that there are usually more cars and you have to be careful. Some companies are dedicated to renting bikes in El Palmar for vacations. If what you like are the challenges, many cyclists make the climb to Vejer by bike. The access road has important slopes. The different levels make it a miniport where you can challenge yourself and train. You can also do it at your own pace because although it has a certain level, you do not have to be an expert either. Only with being a bit fit will you get it.