How to get there?

  1. By plane: the closest airports are in Jerez de la Frontera, Gibraltar y Málaga.
  2. By ship: the closest ports are in Cádiz and Algeciras.
  3. If you are coming by car, you’ve got to take the N-340 highway:

If you are driving from the North, go to Conil de la Frontera and then take the road that leads to El Palmar and Caños de Meca. After a 5 kms. (3 miles) drive, you will find a sign saying “CAMPING EL PALMAR”, where you must turn right and after 500 metres (1/3 mile) you will be at the camping-site gate. If you take the wrong road and reach the beach way, don’t worry, because you will find another sign that leads you to the camping-site. You won’t get lost… it’s the only camping place in El Palmar. If you are coming from the South, turn aside towards Vejer de la Frontera but don’t go up to the town; just go towards El Palmar-Caños de Meca. After a 10 kms. (6 miles) drive, you will find a roundabout where you must turn right to El Palmar. 1 km. (0.6 miles) beyond, you will reach another roundabout with two options: by turning left you’ll get to the beach and by turning right you’ll see a sign after a 1 km. (0.6 miles) drive saying “CAMPING EL PALMAR“, where you must turn left and 500 metres (1/3 mile) away you will find the camping-site. There’s no problem if you take the wrong way and you get to the beach as you will see another sign there that leads you to the camping place. Have a good journey and happy holidays!

Adress: Camino del Camping, S/N,
11159 El Palmar, Vejer de la Fra., Cádiz

Mobile: +34643811984

Phone: +34 956 232 161

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